High School students share their experience on one of the Taisna Traveling School Field Excursions. 

september 2016

TAISNA GROUP SPONSORSHIP OF "WHAT'S YOUR STORY?" One initiative of The Taisna Group is to serve as a sponsor for education programs and events created and hosted by other educationally-driven organizations.  This month, Taisna is a co-sponsor for the Pennez, Inc. hosted story-telling event in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Taisna Traveling School


MOZILLA GIGABIT COMMUNITY FUND GRANT RECIPIENT - Taisna Group joined forces with 4 women-owned Kansas City, Missouri organizations in education and technology to create V Form Alliance.  As recipients of the 2017 Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund Grant, we taught high school students how to create virtual field trips from middle and elementary school students.  The project it titled, Virtual Reality in Culture: Explorations of the African Diaspora.  To view the prototype, visit: www.vformalliancevr.com

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