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An 8th Grade student in Missouri reflects following a field excursion

A 9th Grade Student in Missouri reflects following a field excursion

Student Questions during a field excursion

5 Students in Kansas reflect following a field excursion

"I enjoyed getting involved and viewing the artifacts that people once before used --it's just something that touched me as a human being and the slaves' history of what they had to go through is relevant today. The field trip was beautiful and I would do it again as it caught my attention."       

                                                     -12th Grade Student, Kansas

"With this experience I was able to be a part of a team and learn something that made a difference in the past that I didn't know before. Since I worked as a writer, it changed my perspective a little and gave me an experience that will help me in the future and my future career. I hope to be an accountant and working with my partners on a team helped me to become more confident."                                           

                                                      -11th Grade Student, Kansas

"It was a pleasure to participate on Team Quindaro because we all tried our best to work together. Being involved in the process was a good experience because I never had visited the Quindaro Ruins in Kansas City, KS and I thought it was fun. Some of what I learned gave me inspiration for what I am hoping to do, but now I just want to do it better. For example, I want to be a cook and now I see it as art and now think of ways that I can present it as art."                                                   

                                                     -12th Grade Student, Kansas

A 6th Grade student in Missouri reflects after a field excursion