The Taisna Group, Inc.

Taisna Traveling School is a not for profit expeditionary learning program that teaches young people in grades K through 12 the science of anthropology utilizing an inter-disciplinary approach.

Our purpose is to open the minds of young people about the society in which they live. Our students learn the concepts and tools to investigate people, places and things equipping them with the ability to create narratives to help them understand their own behavior as well as the behavior of other people. Our hands-on approach, outside the classroom, provides students the space to explore and come face-to-face with the history in its raw form via field excursions to natural and historical sites throughout the United States. 

Taisna Traveling School is open to individual students and parents, and community groups on Saturdays; homeschool families and groups, and individual public, private and charter school classes Monday - Friday. 

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